How do the fundamentals of NIO stock price look?

NIO can be defined as a Chinese automobile manufacturing company which has its headquarter in Shanghai. They are mainly specialized in designing as well as developing electric vehicles. In the present time, the market capitalization of this company’s stock is 60.7 billion dollars. In the current time, per NIO stock price is near around 41.1 dollars. According to many different investors, this stock could be the best one for investment as it has a very bright future and also adequate capacity.

Some stats of NIO stock that you should know

In the present time, the market capitalization of NIO stock is very high as compared to the other ones, and also this stock had performed very well in recent time. In the present time, this stock has an average volume of near around 144.22 million with nearly around 1.08 billion shares outstanding. Also, this stock has a 52 week high of near about 54.20 dollars and has a 52 week low of 1.77 dollars. All these stats and information are quite impressive and indicate that this stock can do well and reach a great height.

Some recent news about NIO stock

  • This stock has outperformed in the market in the last few weeks. This gives a message to the world that this stock has a very high capacity and it can reach to a very good height.
  • NIO stock price has raised a lot after the news of the potential covid-19 come out.

Fundamental data of NIO stock

It’s very much crucial for any investor to study the fundamentals data of any stock of the world before investing in it. There are several reasons for it which include that fundamental data gives an idea of whether the share would perform well in future or not, whether one should invest it or not. There are many more reasons for studying it out. So, here are some of the essential fundamental data about NIO stock that you should know before investing in it-

  • According to different reports, it has a short interest of 60.82 million and also the percentage of this stock float shorted is near around 5.64%.
  • In the present time, this stock has a public float of 1.08 billion.
  • The rating of this stock is excellent.

If you are finding such a stock which can provide you with a good profit after the right amount of time, NIO stock could be the right choice for you. Presently, the NIO stock price is low, so you should buy it now. You can check more information like balance sheet at

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.