What are the popular online banks: How to know the right one for me

Technology has revolutionized the way we do everything, including banking. As the fintech industry is growing, more online banks are being developed. Here are some popular online banks:


It is an online money transfer service that allows you to transfer money cheaply. It provides you with the opportunity to bypass the huge international payments completely. The currency conversion rate is guided by the exchange rate you would find on Google. Its transaction costs are transparent, and payments are mostly delivered within 24 hours. It is used by around 3 million people in the world and good for both business and personal use.


Payoneer is an online bank that allows digital payment services and provides its users with working capital around the world. It facilitates payments from business to business across borders. It has over 4 million users and operates in 150 unique currencies and 70 languages. It has a global reach as it is popular across the world.… Read the rest